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Kabafita Fund logo


women being presented with official certificate The picture on the left shows the government document being presented to a women's group that recognises them as a certified business. The members of the group are very proud about this, and are displaying some of their products in the background.
sewing-machine presentationThis picture shows a sewing machine being presented to its new users by Sarjo.
pictures of food preserved by womenThis picture shows some of the preserves that have been made by women, as another source of income
picture of Sarjo & his family This shows Sarjo and his family. Sarjo is a local man who represents the Kabafita fund in Gambia, and is doing great work!
picture of sponsored child with picture of sponsorThis is a picture of a sponsored child holding a picture of her sponsor.

Contacts: Barbara on 01462 813620, or Sarjo (in Gambia) on 00220 666 7730